6 Hacks to Get the Best Out of Instagram Stories

The Story is one of the sought-after features of Instagram. This interesting in-app feature enables users to share ephemeral content that has a lifespan of 24 hours. It will encourage audiences to consume the content before it disappears. There are boundless opportunities and countless benefits to reap from Instagram Stories.

Creating an Instagram Story is simple and easy. But the real challenge is making the most out of it. Whether you are a content creator, influencer, or brand owner, it is vital to master the art of Stories to have a meaningful presence on Instagram. Furthermore, you shall buy instagram story views to increase content visibility and attain your objective organically.

Here we’ve come up with a set of hacks that will assist you in creating an Instagram Story in a better way than ever before. Interested? Let’s dive in without further ado!

#1 Create Multiple Stories at a Time

Ever tried creating many stories at once? If not, here is the best hack for you. First, open the Stories section and find the multi-capture tool on the left side of the screen. Then, click on the tool to capture up to 10 photos, as you do regularly. At last, click on each slide and include special effects like stickers, music, text, and visuals to make it more appealing for the viewers. This way, you can save lots of time and effort on story content creation.

#2 Add Closed Captions for Your Stories

A closed caption is different from the caption that you add for Instagram posts. Similar to subtitles, closed captions display the content of your video in textual format. It will be beneficial for people who watch stories without turning off the sound and hearing-impaired individuals. Here are the simple steps to create closed captions.

  • Tap the + button to open Instagram Story Camera to record the video or upload it from your device.
  • Open the sticker section and search for ‘Caption’.
  • Click on the Caption sticker and select the required text format.
  • Move the caption sticker to position it on the screen.
  • Change the color of the caption as you wish.
  • Now all set! Captions will be generated for your content automatically.

#3 Share Shoppable Story

Do you own a brand or an online business? Do you have a dedicated store on Instagram to sell products? Similar to Reels, you can create Shoppable Stories and ease the shopping experience like never before. Additionally, avail the support of EarnViews to take your product in front of a vast audience and drive more sales efficiently.

  • All you have to do is create an Instagram story with the image or video of the product you want to sell.
  • Then, open the sticker section and choose the ‘Product’ sticker.
  • Ensure the product catalog is integrated, and select the product you want to promote.
  • Next, customize the look of your product sticker as per your brand theme and share it on Stories.
  • People who click on the sticker will be redirected to the respective page, where they can complete the purchase right away.

#4 Take Boomerang in Different Styles

Bored of shooting Boomerang in the same style? Here is the hack that you need to make it more enjoyable. Simply move to the Stories section and choose the Boomerang icon that appears on your screen. Generally, there are four different boomerang styles; Default, Duo, Eco, and Slow-motion. From these styles, choose the one that you want and record your post as usual.

#5 Keep the Hashtags Hidden

Every social media user knows the importance of hashtags. Similar to regular Instagram posts, it is essential to embed hashtags on your Stories, too, for better reach and engagement. Since hashtags appear on the screen, adding more hashtags might spoil your Story’s appearance. In such a case, you can hide the hashtags. Wondering how?

  • Choose an image that you want to share on Story.
  • Enter the set of hashtags on the image with a solid color.
  • Choose the Pen icon and cover the hashtag with the same color behind it.
  • Now your hashtags are blended into the background and invisible to the viewers. But your post will get the benefits of
  • hashtags for sure. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

In addition to hashtags, buy instagram impressions to expand the content reach and grow your profile in a short span of time.

#6 Schedule Your Stories Beforehand

Consistency is the key to success on social media. But there is no assurance that you are available all the time to share your stories on your profile at the right time. In such a case, you can create and schedule the Stories with the support of in-app features or online tools. As a result, your stories will be shared on your profile automatically, even in your absence.

It’s Over to You

Now you are aware of the simple yet effective hacks to create Instagram stories and impress your audiences through compelling content. You’re not just limited to these hacks! Still, there are loads of features available on Instagram. So, experiment with all the features and use the best ones to your advantage. Good luck 🙂

How to Write Catchy Instagram Bio for Businesses?

Instagram bio plays a crucial role in establishing your company to various groups of audiences. When people say your post or video, they immediately go to your profile to know who they are. If you leave it blank without any basic information about you, your audience gets disappointed and leaves your account. Once you curate your bio, create unique content to inspire new users. For impulsive growth, you prefer to get a buy instagram views and increase your popularity.

So to avoid this issue, you need to set up your business account with all the information your audiences need.

What is Instagram Bio?

Instagram bio is nothing but a short description of your business. Which do you think your audience needs to know about your business? Instagram has some word limit for bio, like 150 characters. And that limit conveys that your business account bio should be brief.

Give some basic details about your business. But write it in a catchy way so that the audience gets attracted. You need to look at a few things before you start writing your bio. And those tips are listed below.

What Should Include in Business Bio?

Before starting with the tip, you need to know what we can include in your bio to make it look complete. Like

  • Your brand name
  • Your social media handles
  • Few words about your business
  • Location in case of in-store

These are some common facts audiences look forward to knowing about a brand. Try to include all those things in your bio.

1. Tell Your Goal to the Audience

Always choose to be precise. You also have a word limit. So try to write and complete your content within that limit itself. Tell your goal simply so everyone who sees it can understand it. Use only positive words to have a good vibe.

Also, you can use this to establish your brand mission or what they stand for. Always have the habit of updating your bio regularly in case any mandatory changes need to be made. For example, if you add a recent video link, you should update it regularly. To advance your content exposure, leverage Inzfy to boost your brand’s credibility.

2. Include Relevant Hashtags

You can also use some relevant hashtags in your bio to make your account pop on the top to the audience who aren’t your followers. Create and use a common hashtag that represents your brand among the audience.

Adding a hashtag to your bio is a great way to efficiently maintain your multiple business accounts. These hashtags also make it easy for brands to see and respond to user-generated content. Moreover, to grab genuine users’ attention, search for a free instagram views trial and use it effectively to get credible results.

3. Add a Call-to-Action

Remember to give call-to-Action in your business profile. Because when people visit your Instagram account, you should grab their attention and make them visit your website too. You should always add that to your business profile to make that happen.

Various brands have different marketing strategies incorporated in writing their unique bio, which attracts the audience.

4. Use Emojis and Fancy Fonts

You can only use the common font style on Instagram. To make it innovative, try using a different font copied from font-changing websites and paste them into your bio tabs and add them to your bio. But, of course, that also always chooses bold fonts because that will only attract an audience.

Also, use emojis that imitate your business to grab the audience’s attention. It also makes your bio look more colorful and eye-catching.

5. Add a Link to Your Bio

Add links like your website link or recent Youtube video link to make it easy for the audience to click and view them. Because you can’t add links to your Instagram posts. Sometimes people will search for your website and end up getting another site.

So to avoid this kind of inconvenience, add a link in your bio for the use of the audience. Adding your website link in the bio also makes people develop trust in your brand.

6. Add Your Business Slogan

When you have a dedicated and punchy slogan for your business, add them to your bio. Because people may get inspired by your slogan and follow your account. Better write your slogan rather than take it a google. Also, make sure that your slogan is relevant to your business and that it boosts people to buy your product.

Write short slogans because long slogans may need to be more catchy. Also, some people will only get the exact meaning of what you tell them. So to avoid this, slogans should be short.

Wrapping It Up

Instagram bio can change your follower list and boost your sales. Try to write a strong Instagram bio with the help of the tips mentioned here. Don’t dump your bio with too many details about your business. Try to keep it short and informative to your target audience.

5 Reasons Why Brands Should Work With Instagram Influencers

If you have included social media in your marketing strategy, then influencer marketing cannot be avoided. Because nowadays, popular social media sites like Instagram are filled with creators and influencers rather than traditional celebrities. In fact, people started to seek an influencer’s opinion before or while choosing a brand’s product. Also, Instagram is a social media site that is well known for its visual representation and stunning features.

Recently the app gained additional popularity after the launch of a feature called Instagram Reels. Brands and users in this platform commenced even to buy instagram reels likes as it enhanced their growth on Instagram. Coming to Instagram influencers, they hold so much power and have the capability to create a significant impact. Therefore, your brand should work with Instagram influencers without second thoughts. We don’t say this statement without any justification. In the article below, you will learn what influencer marketing is and why your brand should work with an influencer.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of online marketing that involves brand collaborations and promotions. In this marketing, a person who is called an online influencer does these promotions. An influencer should have a tremendous social following on a particular social media platform.

For example, if a person has many followers on Instagram and promotes a brand’s product or services, then they are called an Instagram influencer. Therefore, any brand that wants to increase its reach and followers can opt for influencer marketing. Also, as a brand, you can choose to use FollowFormation to enhance your brand’s digital presence and follower rate.

5 Reasons Why Brands Should Work With Instagram Influencers

Now, you know what influencer marketing is and who an influencer is. It is time to leverage influencers to attain your brand goals and objective. Let us get started. Shall we?

1. Influencers Have Great Connections

Influencer marketing is a great way to build a diversified follower base on Instagram. Because when a person becomes an influencer on Instagram, they will start forming connections with people in the same niche. When your brand hires that influencer, you can take your brand name in front of all its connections and followers. Here, your brand gets excellent exposure.

2. Increased Brand Awareness With Instagram Influencers

Working with an Instagram influencer has plenty of benefits. Among all of them, the most important one is that your brand can increase its awareness, even with Instagram users who are not following your brand’s page. As the influencers will have varied followers, hiring an influencer for your brand is definitely a wise choice.

3. Influencers Can Help Your Brand Build Credibility

In today’s era, social media sites like Instagram have more purchasing power than local stores. Which makes it essential for brands to prove their credibility to the users on Instagram. In traditional marketing, there was a lack of credibility and proving a brand’s authenticity.

Whereas now, it is made easily done by working with Instagram influencers. Wondering how? Here it is. When a brand is promoted by someone with millions and billions of followers, it can definitely prove its credibility efficiently. Also, brands can generate a great sense of credibility and gain audience trust when they hire an influencer.

4. Flexible Marketing Option

The marketing options in traditional marketing were quite costly. It mainly included advertising with banners, newspapers, posters, television ads, etc. Therefore, only some brands could opt for these types of marketing methods. But with marketing on social media platforms like Instagram, brands of all sizes can do effective marketing.

Particularly with influencer marketing, it is made easy for brands to showcase their products or services to millions of users. For instance, if a brand has a tight budget, it can opt for micro-influencers rather than opting for mega-influencers. By doing this, brands can keep up with their budget and enhance brand reach.

5. Retain Existing Customer With Instagram Features

Influencers always need to be updated with what’s new. Because if they are not up to date with the latest features, trends, sounds, etc., the chances of losing customers are higher. Instagram’s popular features include Reels, stories, Live, etc. In fact, many influencers on Instagram started to buy instagram reels views to stay updated and also increase their account reach

Summing Up

It has become increasingly difficult for brands to get the required attention they deserve. But with influencer marketing, big or small, any brand can achieve its desired goals. The following are some benefits your brand can attain if you work with an influencer. Most importantly, that influencer must be reliable, easy to work with, belong to your niche, and best suit your brand. Therefore choose your influencer wisely and gain all the benefits from it. Lastly, remember to be dedicated and show your creative side to your followers on Instagram.