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We live in a world that has been rapidly changing and warming up.

Though it may look all well and green in your locale...

This is certainly not the case elsewhere.

We are losing trees and releasing green house gases at a very high rate.

Some businesses do not even care about the carbon emission they produce.

We should all care. Here are a few things we can do to promote change.

Aerosol cans add to the global co2 emission tally every day.

If we are smart with our product usage we can minimize our carbon footprint.

...or better yet, use an eco-friendly alternative.

We can do a lot more in our own homes and communities.

Make sure you are fuel-efficient when you drive.

...or ride a bike for short distance trips.

Switch off your lights when not in use.

Use non-plastic bags when shopping.

Current State Of Our Planet


If you are a citizen who cares about our planet, you can sign a petition urging your leaders to commit to conservation efforts.

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