7 New Features That Enhance Your TikTok Live Experience

TikTok is one of the sought-after applications, especially for social media marketing. The viral going nature of the app, the presence of active audiences, and business-focused features make it a perfect platform for brands and businesses these days.

Similar to popular social media platforms, content creators, influencers, and brands can live stream videos on TikTok too. It is a great way to connect with audiences in real-time and increase engagement effectively. Besides, budding brands buy tiktok likes to boost their engagement rate and increase the chance of getting featured on For You Page.

Since the majority of users leverage the ‘Go Live’ feature, TikTok released additional features to provide a more seamless user experience than before. Excited to know about the latest live features? That’s good! Keep reading this article to grasp what you need to know.

#1 Live Stream Video with Your Friend

Usually, the TikTok user broadcasts videos as a single person. However, at times, content creators and brands struggle to join hands with others while going Live. In order to overcome this, the app has come up with a new feature called ‘Live Together’. Henceforth, you can live stream videos with your friend or partner at a time without much hassle.

#2 Picture-In-Picture Mode

While watching live on TikTok, you tend to exit from the live stream when you come out of the application. For instance, you are supposed to leave the live stream in order to check notifications received from another app. But the launch of Picture-in-Picture mode keeps the video pinned at the bottom corner of your screen and lets you navigate at your convenience.

#3 Conduct Q & A Session on Live

Until now, viewers have asked queries or questions to the respective creator in the comments section during the live stream. It might be challenging to find out the questions and send the replies to the respective ones. Hereafter, the creator can carry out the live session with Q & A features and engage with audiences effortlessly. In addition, take advantage of EarnViews to improve your reach and make the most out of TikTok at a quick pace.

#4 Assign an Assistance While Going Live

Consider you are live streaming videos, and loads of people have joined you. The viewers may get distracted, or your session gets interrupted when you take control of your settings. Instead of facing this issue alone, seek the support of your team member to join as a moderator and ask them to take care of the additional tasks such as inviting, muting, or blocking the user as per your need. So that you can communicate with your audiences without any disturbance.

#5 Filter the Unwanted Words

Want to secure your viewers from seeing sensitive content? Here is the special feature called ‘Keyword Filter’. On the Live screen, you can include up to 200 words that you don’t want to see in the comments mentioned by viewers. Otherwise, turn off the comments simply.

#6 Set Warning Alert for Comments

As you live stream publicly, there are chances that you receive negative comments from the viewers, or spammers may post comments to spoil you. In such a case, ‘Comment Alerts’ will detect the comment and ask the audience to check the words before posting it on your live video.

#7 Schedule Live Video in Advance

And here comes the most effective feature for advanced live streaming on TikTok. Unlike before, a creator could organize and promote live videos similar to other content formats. Moreover, you can schedule it earlier to avoid missing out on it. When you schedule your live video, it will be mentioned as ‘TikTok Events’. It will build anticipation among your target audience and prepare themselves to join the Live. Furthermore, buy tiktok fans to grow followers of your profile and bring in more audiences to watch your Live video.

Wrapping Up

Congrats! Now you are aware of the latest features rolled out to enhance the experience of live video on TikTok. Hope all these aspects will ease the challenges you faced while going live and help you reap the benefits of TikTok Live to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for? Host your next TikTok Live in a better way than before.

Good luck 🙂